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Sean Keane is a stand-up comic living in San Francisco. This is a place for Sean Keanes and Sean Keane Enthusiasts.

I also write SportsCentr and contribute to NBA Off-Season, NFL Off-Season, and The World's Game.

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  1. Thursday, February 17th 2011
  2. My Father and the CMT Contest

    I told my dad about the "Next Big Comic" contest last night, as he is not on Facebook and has to get important country music/comedy related news over the phone. He said he’d visit the site “but I’m only going to vote once. Maybe twice.” Even when I told him that you can vote as many times as you want (and so can you!), he seemed reluctant to commit to more than two votes.

    This is not uncommon for my father, who is quite supportive of my comedy career, but also a very ethical man. When I was in the 50 Mason comedy competition, my dad complimented my set, then informed me he’d ranked me in second place. “Joe Tobin had stronger material, Sean,” he told me. “And I’d heard some of that stuff before.”  I ultimately finished third.

    It’s actually admirable parenting. My dad wouldn’t lie about my age to get cheaper Disneyland tickets, and he disapproved of my practice of scamming pay phone companies by making collect calls and shouting, “Pick up Sean!” when I wanted a ride home from the pool. I’ve never seen him Take-A-Penny, only Leave-A-Penny. But you should have no such scruples about voting for me excessively, as much as humanly or robotically possible, until voting closes this Sunday at noon. It’s not even against the rules! Come on, Dad!

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